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Irish Garden Trees Terms & Info

Prices and payment

All prices are current and may change in the future. The individual and current total price for your order is summed up at the checkout, including any charges for shipping (except for any additional charges according to conditions under "Deliveries") and payment, as well as VAT. We reserve the right for incorrectly entered prices. Any promotions, discounts, etc. that are launched after your order is placed and before delivery cannot be credited.

All plants are reserved/picked up according to your order.
Unless otherwise agreed, you pay a part of the order before the delivery and another part in cash/card/bank transfer upon delivery after receipt of goods delivery.
You are always responsible for shipping back to us if you reject your delivery on the spot to the Driver.

Right of withdrawal 

The right of withdrawal  does not apply to plants, which means that you do not have a 14-day right of withdrawal. Of course, we do what we can to meet any requests after a wrong purchase, but ask you to think carefully about your needs before ordering. Root lumps and bare root plants orders cannot be canceled.

Delivery times

Delivery time during the planting season (calculated from March/May to September/November depending on
the place of delivery) is within 7 working days from the order date. Orders placed outside the planting season are delivered as soon as the season allows planting. Extra cost for shipping is added.
Note that deliveries outside our regular delivery routes, may take longer as coordination is necessary.  We notify you via SMS/email or phone call 1 day before the delivery date. 

Delivery times for plantings are as follows: After an approved quote, we will get back to you within 7-14 days with a date that, depending on the season, is 1-30 days ahead. We work environmentally friendly and take it area by area - you cannot influence date proposals. Of course it happens continuously. If the product is not specified on your order, we use the best according to the season. In other words, root clods are not used during the warm season.

Until you receive official notification, all information about delivery date/time is to be considered preliminary as the business is sensitive to circumstances beyond our control. Even after notification, in extreme cases there may be delays due to illness, vehicle breakdown or the like. In such cases, no compensation or discounts are generally paid, even if you as a customer are affected by extra costs or loss of income.
Priority delivery can usually be arranged for an additional charge and after agreement in cases where a more precise delivery time is required. This happens in the event of smaller trucks of 3.5 tons. Please note that we normally deliver thuja and other hedge plants with trucks with a total weight of nearly 17,000 kg and therefore do not reach all addresses. They are delivered loose, in pieces, not on a pallet, as you have to be prepared for unloading. If the driver has to unload himself, then a fixed cost of €100 will be added.

If you know or suspect that your address cannot be reached, your order is left at the nearest possible place or at another agreed place/address.

We leave plants in the nearest passable place - i.e. we do not carry plants out on, for example, the backs of houses etc. Any additional costs for salvage, lifting crane to lift into the address are added, we deliver to the nearest possible place that can be reached. Driver decides on the spot.

Complaints and warranty issues

In the event of incorrect product delivery (incorrect quantity or incorrect/damaged product), you are obliged to contact us immediately upon receipt of the delivery so that we can rectify the fault in the first place, or alternatively agree on suitable compensation. Note that you cannot advertise a planted seedling. When invoking the plant warranty, you must leave the plant on the plant site until you have consulted with us and have the opportunity to provide current photographs that clearly show what you consider to be grounds for invoking the warranty. If it is a more extensive replacement, a warranty visit may also be made.
In both of these cases, you must start a case via the form. It is important to always report any problems as soon as possible. For example, warranty exchanges that are requested in the spring after the year of delivery must have been reported in the autumn of 30/09 of the year of delivery. For autumn planting, 15/2 applies. All complaints about plants, apart from numbers that are wrong in delivery, are only received via e-mail to

Current plant/current plants that have been planted and claimed may not be taken up or otherwise destroyed until the claim has been handled and an agreement made.

A planted plant is an approved plant regardless of variety - no withdrawals or possible price adjustments can then be made. Any adjustments in price due to errors in height are handled by adjusting down to the nearest height on the website. Plant is measured in a stretched state from the top of the pot and the furthest to the top shoot BEFORE planting. Often there will be an embankment after planting which is good for the plant but reduces the height somewhat.

Cancellation of order before delivery

Cancellation after 24 hours from the time of ordering but within 48 hours will be charged with 25% of the order value (excluding shipping and possible payment costs). Intends to cover the costs we are charged by the nursery and for the transport service.

Cancellation after 48 hours from the time of ordering is charged with 50% of the order value (excluding shipping and possible payment costs).
Intends to cover the costs we are charged by the grower, for transport within Poland.

ATTENTION! Cancellation must always be made in writing via our email: and wait for confirmation.

Personal data is handled in accordance with current legislation. We processes personal data primarily for the purpose of identification, customer analysis, credit control, marketing and business development. Social security number is used as customer number for customer management purposes.

By using this website, you agree to our use of your personal data in accordance with data protection policy, including transfer to specially selected partners or to states outside the EU/EEA area.

If you have any further questions or concerns, you are welcome to call Klarna on 08- 120 120 10 Mon-Thurs between 08.30 - 21.00, Fridays 12.30-21.00 and weekends 10.00 - 17.00


To complete a purchase on , you go through the following steps.
1. Find the item or items you want and add them to the cart, then proceed to checkout.
2. Enter your personal data.
3. Select delivery method/payment method.
4. Accept our terms of purchase.
5. Check that all information is correct and approve your purchase.
All prices are incl. VAT and other taxes. The prices are daily prices.

When you shop at , contracts are entered into in English.

• You email us with the requested information, if the order number and photo are missing, your complaint will not be processed.
• We make an analysis that you meet our warranty conditions regarding soil improvement, planting and irrigation. Then make a completely filled-in complaint.
• We will get back to you via email or call within 10-20 working days for action proposals.
• Action proposals are carried out no earlier than the first cool period after your planning period. That is, you plant
March – June – action is taken in Sept/Oct. You plant July-October - action is carried out April/May the following year.
• We replace plant that has been condemned, not work that has been carried out.
• Suggested measures do not have to be a new plant, but can be given in terms of, for example, cutting back, fertilizing,
irrigation systems, etc.
• The plant being replaced must have no chance of survival, due to the delay in winter green, this is taken into account as measures are only taken after the plant must have established itself.
• Warranty replacement takes place once per order, i.e. no warranty on warranty. To avoid problems, any replacement plants are not settled before at least 3-6 months after planting. This is to avoid the wrong number of plants being delivered under warranty. Plants often scratch themselves, but it can also be the case that more need to be changed and then we get these too.
• Those of you who winter cover and protect your plants are subject to a possible second change upon presentation of a receipt as a basis for purchased fabrics. Without a receipt, the warranty will not be approved.
• 12 month plant guarantee covers a maximum of 20% of delivered plants.
• Drip hose must be fitted. If there has been an irrigation ban in your area, you must be able to prove your own/purchased water.
ATTENTION! All approved replacements of plants under warranty can be picked up at Irish Garden Trees  warehouse in Sligo Road, alternatively sent for a shipping cost of the 

Personal data
We comply with the Personal Data Act (PUL) and take full responsibility for the personal data you provide to us. Your provided information is used solely for administrative tasks and to provide you with important information.
No data will be sold, transferred or otherwise made available to third parties except for quality monitoring. Of course, you can request the data we have stored and also have it changed or deleted.
Freight Öland, Gotland and Norrland that do not belong to our regular transport area have special freight costs.
Plantings are subject to special conditions where the customer is responsible for the following: •
that reasonable soil depth is available for the root system of the plants in question.
• arrival at the planning site must be such that the movement of plants from the unloading site is acceptable, i.e. do you know that it is required to carry plants around the house - let us know this before arrival for possible price markup. In general, we see that we do not carry in hilly terrain or further than a maximum of 30-40 meters as the farthest.

• that existing soil is of reasonably good quality. Soil required to achieve a sufficiently good ratio
is included according to your chosen product - if this is not enough, as we can see the difference below ground, this is charged
extra according to the price list.
• that access to the current planting area is allowed for tools and machines.
• that cable and pipe instructions, as well as related markings, exist. Fiber cable must be highlighted. Our responsibility covers 1 meter around fiber cable. In addition to this diameter, it is your
home insurance that covers any damage. Remedial action in the event of a fault by us takes place quickly - no compensation is paid for any lack of fiber during the repair period.
• that water is available within the current planting area. As well as a garden hose that is sufficient for a connection point to your new planting.
• that no existing vegetation adversely encroaches on the planting above or below the ground surface. Removed per running bill. Keep in mind that underground roots usually require an excavator.
• that stones or other goods in the ground are not of a nature that adversely affects the planting or tools and machines that the planting area is reasonably well drained.
• RUT deductions can be made on certain parts of work, the amount of this appears on the order confirmation, it is your responsibility as a customer to check that the amount we will charge is available in your tax account. If we cannot charge the Tax Agency the amount for RUT, it is your responsibility as a customer to pay this amount directly to us.
• Plantings ordered through us are carried out by our own staff and under our own auspices.

!Please note that unclaimed or received product deliveries with plants will be charged in full as the risk of permanent damage during long-term storage and transport is to be considered a given. Applies regardless of cultivation method. When notified by a transport company, you must adapt to the company. Uncollected plants booked for collection are charged in full after 3 days.

Our plant guarantee means that you as a customer will receive a flawless plant that meets the industry's requirements for quality, soundness and variety. You therefore always have a 12-month plant guarantee on our plants. This guarantee means that a plant that is not variegated or does not develop normally, despite adequate care and plant location, is replaced by a new plant of the same variety and height according to previous orders during the guarantee period, but covers maximum 20% of delivered plants.
Any exchanges only take place April/May/June and Sept/Oct/Nov. This means that the earliest replacement of spring-planted plants is in autumn and vice versa. 
The warranty does not apply to damage that occurred after the purchase and that was caused by lack of care, incorrect care, accidents or other things beyond our control. This includes, for example, lack of irrigation, cold or wind damage, incorrect fertilization, incorrect planting, substandard drainage on the plant site, flooding, poisoning and damage caused by animals or people.

Furthermore, no warranty exchanges are made during the early establishment period, within 3-6 months after planting, and unless it can be proven that the plants were diseased upon delivery, the warranty covers a maximum of 20% of
delivered plants. Landfill of old plants in case of replacement is handled by you as the customer. In the case of an approved warranty case, planting of the plants is not included, you as the customer take care of that.
In the case of an approved warranty case, the shipping for delivery of the plants is paid for by your customers, in order for you to have your plants sent to you, you must first pay the shipping. This cost is invoiced and no plants are shipped out before payment is made.
Please note that the warranty is not extended in connection with exchanges, neither for exchange plants nor for originally delivered plants, and thus warranty exchange is done at one time.

The winter cover guarantee is only available to customers who have purchased plants from us.

Furthermore we reserve the right to

• cancel orders that cannot be executed within a reasonable time or at a reasonable cost. Mail will be sent to you no later than 7 days after ordering.
• cancel orders, or require advance payment, where, after checking, we have strong reason to suspect inability or unwillingness to pay. 

• possibly cancel orders that are less than € 100 in order value.
• By accepting these terms and conditions, you waive all rights to any claims for damages.
We reserve the right for any typographical errors in texts and price information. Also note that all product images on show a unique specimen of live plants and are thus not identical to the plants delivered. Some plants are shown after cutting.

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